Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Everyone knows how diverse the lighting is and they are very careful before buying lighting. Lighting also has an effect that can change the environment you are in. Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Products Zones . You can get detailed information by continuing to read our article!

What Do Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Products Do?

Each Ex-proof lighting product has its own features and benefits. When choosing, these features and benefits are taken into consideration

Below, we tried to express what Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting products do;

  • Ex-Proof luminaire is actually the type of lighting used to minimize the risk of explosion in the environment. As you can see from here, the products reduce the risk of explosion in the environment to a minimum, and they are also divided into categories such as flameproof, intrinsically safe, etc.
  • Such products are only used in areas where the risk of explosion is high. For example, any explosion in a boiler room can be very dangerous
  • It is also preferred in areas where there are products that will be damaged in the event of explosion. No manufacturer or business owner wants to live such disasters.
  • Generally speaking, ex-proof products do not leak flames or arc or spark.

As you can see, Ex-Proof Lighting products are actually produced to protect the explosive risk atmosphere rather than their extremely sheltered structure. In addition, the developing lighting technology also has a very good lighting power

What are Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Products Zones?

While researching lighting products, you will see that there are zones and you may be wondering what they are for. These products are produced specifically for the Zones and must be purchased accordingly. You may have come across phrases such as Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Below you can see what these expressions mean;

  1. Zone 1: This is an area where the risk of explosion is very high. For example, the areas where natural gas filling station, petrochemical and chemical materials are located are considered as Zone 1. In these regions, lighting products produced for Zone 1 should be preferred.
  2. Zone 2: In these regions, the risk of explosion is lower, but gas and steam explosions may occur. Boiler rooms can be counted as an example of these categories.

Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Products Zones Zones are like this and it is extremely important that the selection is made accordingly. Otherwise, the products may not reach their purpose. As Robustex, we produce different Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Products in ZONE 1 / ZONE 2 areas against risks. You can get detailed information by contacting us!

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